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What is IoT?

The internet of things (IoT) is a transformative concept where everyday objects connect to the internet, sharing and receiving data to make our lives smarter and more efficient. With IoT, devices like thermostats, appliances, and even cars can communicate and collaborate, enhancing convenience and automation.

This year’s internet of things sessions

IoT at MWC Barcelona 2023

Explore how IoT is reshaping our world by creating a web of interconnected devices that work together seamlessly for a more intelligent and connected future.

Watch the 5G IoT summit

  • “5G for Industrial IoT will have the greatest impact in technological innovation in North America in the next five years”

    Andrea Hogan Sr. Director, Qualcomm
  • “IoT and AI enabled Digital Twins will drive the next-generation digital transformation.”

    Syam Madanapalli Director - IoT and Sustainability, NTT DATA Services

Explore IoT at MWC Las Vegas 2023

The 5G IoT summit will return to Las Vegas this September with a focus on energy and environment - the biggest topics affecting everyone on the planet right now. 5G IoT (Massive, LTE-M, NB-IoT) is best placed to provide energy/environment solutions and supported by other technical solutions in cloud infrastructure, Big Data and AI.


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