2024 Themes

Our key themes are the backbone of the keynotes and summits at MWC Las Vegas 2024 – all thought leadership is based on them. We take time to identify the big topics that you need to be on top of today, so your enterprise can scale new heights tomorrow.

Enterprise Transformation

Enterprise transformation is inevitable. Those who do not embrace change will get left behind. Partnering and leveraging industry knowledge and capabilities will help to define a future where carriers and enterprise become agile and innovative – regardless of size.

Through the growing use of private networks and IoT, CIOs within industries such as FinTech, Health and smart mobility can offer a myriad of new services and functionalities that can simplify and enhance communications and operations for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business customers. More effective, efficient, and competitive.

We are driving full speed ahead into an era of rapid innovation cycles and increased industry collaboration. We are transforming the enterprise.

AI Networks

AI is changing our entire network and business DNA. Building the foundation for a new era of compute and networking that underpins every industry sector from security, transportation to FinTech and aviation; AI is providing a new level of operational efficiency across all business functions.

The ability to learn, understand and interact in a very human way provides competitive advantage for businesses of any scale, and can streamline operations, increase security, enhance data management, and create new revenue generators. New markets are forming and an ecosystem of industry partners is emerging. And the enterprise is just the beginning.

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5G EdgeCloud

Powered by the cloud, 5G edge computing is enabling businesses to reimagine what it can do. Not only are more things going to be connected but demands are changing too. Industries like sports & entertainment, logistics and robotics, manufacturing and drones all have extensive edge compute requirements and will benefit greatly from enhanced 5G positioning.

Whilst demands evolve, the increasing orchestration of machines through 5G will enable innovation to be built at speed and scale. There will be more connectivity attached to our everyday lives and we will need every industry and enterprise to make it a success.

How you can get involved in MWC Las Vegas 2024

There are many ways you can take our event themes and turn them into business leads at MWC Las Vegas. Like basing a thought leadership piece on one, then presenting it to hundreds of influential industry stakeholders. Or using a theme to showcase your brand or product on a global platform – resulting in many face-to-face networking opportunities with the big players. Find out more about how to get involved, by checking out the links below.