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GSMA Intelligence brings to life the latest trends, analytics, forecasts and deep dives about issues that create an impact within the mobile and communications industries. The team comprises over 30 of the industry’s brightest – across a wide range of expertise – harvesting data from every mobile operator, network and MVNO worldwide, all in order to drive the most accurate insights and forecasts. With over 150 reports annually, topped with custom research, it’s clear why hundreds of operators, solution suppliers, and industry players rely on the team for the latest technology developments and trends.

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“… Their timeliness and comprehensiveness have played a great role in lessening our effort and time to benchmark other companies in the industry – and improved our productivity.”

Chief Strategy & Program Management Officer, Ethio Telecom

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Vision 2030mm

By 2030, an average of 5 GHz of mmWave spectrum per market will be needed to satisfy demand for different 5G use cases, including eMBB, FWA and enterprise networks. To deliver on this, bands such as 26 GHz, 28 GHz, and 40 GHz are needed. Explore the findings of this report, that underlines mmWave spectrum’s role in delivering the growth that consumer, enterprise and household data will demand leading to 2030.


eSIM: market progress, consumer behaviour and adoption to 2030

The latest report on eSIM in the consumer market is getting very popular among our customers. Explore the reports and dashboard, which is a new data deliverable that provides the industry with relevant insights about commercialisation of eSIM devices, operator launches, and consumer behaviour.


Region in Focus: North America, Q1 2022

The Region in Focus series provides an essential quarterly briefing on industry developments, market insights and country KPIs for mobile markets trends and developments in North America for Q1 2022. It also analyses the progress of the Rogers/Shaw merger and looks at how mmWave is maturing as a networking technology in the US and elsewhere. Finally, the analysis showcases the breadth of GSMA Intelligence data by providing country-level KPIs for mobile connections, net additions, technology splits and operator financials.

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