Bhargs Srivathsan

Partner, McKinsey & Company

Bhargs Srivathsan

Speaker Bio

Bhargs coleads McKinsey’s cloud operations and optimization work, working closely with technology companies to help plan and optimize their cloud operations. She has extensive experience working with a range of technology clients, helping them on topics such as infrastructure demand forecasting and capacity planning, understanding unit economics from a cloud perspective, and optimizing a footprint on public cloud.

Examples of her recent client experience include the following:

• Leading an end-to-end cost diagnostic for a hyperscaler cloud services provider

• Advising a global cloud platform company on their forward-looking data platform strategy

• Serving a large software provider’s infrastructure team on optimizing their cloud operations across private and public cloud

In addition to her client work, Bhargs is passionate about mentoring and sponsoring women. She leads the firm’s internal initiative, “Women Who Cloud,” a global group of women colleagues passionate about serving clients on cloud-related topics. Prior to joining McKinsey, Bhargs worked in the high-tech industry and held roles across engineering and program management at Microsoft and Intel.