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Take to the stage that inspires our industry and paves the way to a brighter future.

Submissions for the call for speakers will close at 6pm PT Monday, June 13th. Please submit your proposal before the deadline.

The stage is set and the ecosystem is listening. We provide the podium for our industry’s boundary breaking speakers to share their thought leadership and career expertise. Get ready to inspire change on the world’s largest and most influential connectivity platform.

  • Be the voice of your company’s innovations
  • Gain recognition for your thought leadership
  • Inspire others and be a part of important discussions
  • Influence investors, buyers and potential leads

Themes for speakers at MWC Las Vegas

To give your talk relevance and resonance, we ask you to base it around one or more of our event themes for MWC Las Vegas 2022. This year, please keep in mind that the overall theme is Connectivity Unleashed, as we get ready to release and realise the innovation and ideas that have been incubating over the last couple of challenging years.

There are four event themes to choose from, shown below, which can shoot your speech into the MWC Las Vegas 2022 walk of stars. These include a world powered by 5G, how IoT will transform our lives and what the digital future looks like, thanks to cloud migration and the metaverse.

So, ready to submit your proposal? Then simply read up on the themes and fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

  • 5G Connect icon 5G Connect
  • Internet of Everything icon Internet of Everything
  • Tech Horizon icon Tech Horizon
  • Cloudnet icon Cloudnet
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Showcase your latest innovations and new products and solutions on the industry’s most influential stage. Make your voice heard and share your vision at MWC Las Vegas 2022. Contact us to get involved at MWC Las Vegas 2022 and future GSMA events.

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