Why technologists need to be at MWC Las Vegas 2024

Are you a systems integrator, architect or developer? Then find out what enterprise 5G can do for your business today, through firsthand experiences from peers of successful digital enterprises and solutions you can apply now.

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Live demos, best practices and C-suite networking – all in one place

Want to see how private networks, cloud, edge, APIs and IoT can help you right now? We’re bringing together the enterprise 5G ecosystem to show you how 5G-enabled technology can bring value to your processes, development and modernization today. 

Through a series of summits where CIOs from different industries share real-life experiences of enterprise 5G, an exhibition of deployable solutions and the opportunity to talk peer-to-peer with technologists from successful digital enterprises.   

The answer to your biggest challenges

Solve your most pressing issues in just three days at MWC Las Vegas. 

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Your challenges,
the 5G-enabled solutions

Whether it’s unscalable legacy systems, maintaining platform stability or inefficient application management, find the solutions at MWC Las Vegas. Here are some examples. 

  • Legacy processes that don’t scale

    Implement Network APIs to create Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solutions. These enable centralized management and automation of network resources, allowing for scalable and flexible processes that can adapt to changing demands. 

  • Ensuring platform stability

    Private 5G networking solutions offer dedicated and reliable connectivity, ensuring platform stability and reducing the risk of disruptions or performance issues.

  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines

    Leverage edge computing with AI solutions, combined with API-enabled apps, to automate various stages of the development and deployment pipeline, from code inception to production deployment. 

  • Management of applications

    Edge computing with AI solutions can optimize application management. Edge brings computing power closer to the data source, enabling faster processing and decision-making, while AI tools provide intelligent insights and automation.

  • Scaling efficiencies and working across multiple projects and environments

    Network APIs allow for programmatic control and orchestration of network functions, while cloud computing provides on-demand access to computing resources – for efficient scaling and remote collaboration. 

Your chance to network with your peers, the C-suite and the big names in 5G

Meet those who have already implemented 5G-enabled technology talk openly about challenges and how to overcome them, plus put your key questions to the leading names in 5G – and get the answers you need. 

  • Peer-to-peer conversations — what they did, what worked and how you can apply their insights and learnings. 
  • Connect with the CIOs from the big-name operators who make 5G happen. 
  • Network with the entire enterprise 5G ecosystem – fellow systems integrators, cloud architects and developers to edge computing, IoT and private networks specialists from across industries. 

Ways to take part in MWC Las Vegas 2024

What do you want to achieve this year? From gaining qualified leads for your solutions, a reputation as a 5G-enabled tech thought leader or new connections to advance future innovations, fulfill your business’s goals at MWC Las Vegas 2024.

Themes for 2024

Only MWC Las Vegas 2024 has the biggest names and current leaders in 5G-enabled technology. Bringing evidence in the form of real-life use cases and case studies on how it’s essential to the future of the enterprise, across these three themes:

Explore Themes

  • 2024 speakers

  • Jason Currie Senior Business Development, IoT, AT&T Connected Car
  • Brad Stertz Director, Audi Government Affairs, Audi of America
  • Mike Finley CEO, Boingo Wireless
  • Michael Sherwood Chief Innovation Officer, City of Las Vegas
  • Lara Dewar CMO, GSMA
  • Andrew Thiessen Head of 5G/xG, MITRE
  • Cisco Sanchez CIO, Qualcomm
  • David Cohen Head of IoT Sales Automotive Connected Car, T-Mobile
  • Juan Ramirez Director for 5G Cross Functional Team Deputy Chief Information Officer, Office of CIO, US Dept. of Defense
  • Erik Varney President, Industrial IoT and Automotive Practice, Verizon
  • Meredith Attwell Baker President and CEO, CTIA
  • Eduardo Valencia CIO, MAC/MSP, Metropolitan Airports Commission
  • Johnathan Lewis Director, Innovation, Miami International Airport
  • Michael Youngs VP, Information Technology, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)
  • Kyle Mobley CIO, Port of Oakland
  • Norman Fekrat Managing Partner, Imagine Wireless
  • Ronnie Vasishta SVP of Telco, NVIDIA