Peter Pacheco

Technical Strategist for Cellular Network Technologies, MITRE

Peter Pacheco

Speaker Bio

Peter Pacheco is a Technical Strategist for Cellular Network Technologies in the Electronic System Development and Embedded Security department at the MITRE Corporation in Bedford, Massachusetts. 


Peter joined MITRE in September 1997 where he began working with cellular telephony, in particular, IS95A/B and GSM. His work involved vulnerability analysis, prototype development and system deployment which he continued into 3G UMTS, 4G LTE, and 5G including its various waveforms and protocols.  Peter has supported DoD efforts to integrate 4G LTE networks into the battlefield and/or the use of commercial networks.  


Peter is currently working on developing Government and DoD use cases for various aspects of 5G. Peter is also leading the build-out of MITRE’s $13M 5G test infrastructure which includes NSA and SA core networks, vRANs, RIC, and MEC platforms. Peter is an active member of the ORAN Alliance where he is influencing the overlay of security into the ORAN specifications. 


Prior to joining MITRE, Peter was employed at Raytheon Electronic System as a hardware design engineer working on several underwater mine detection systems.  He completed a B.S. and a M.S. in Electrical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 1992 and 1994 respectively.