Jan Lattunen

Chief Commercial Officer, SimpleX Wireless

Jan Lattunen

Speaker Bio

Jan Lattunen is a seasoned executive with an impressive track record in the telecommunications and mobile security industries. As the co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Simplex Wireless, based in Atlanta, Georgia, Jan Lattunen leverages deep industry insights to spearhead commercial strategies that drive growth and innovation.

Previously, Jan Lattunen served as the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and President for Americas at UROS, where for nearly 3 years, they were pivotal in leading business transformations and expansions across the region. Before UROS, Jan Lattunen had an illustrious tenure at G+D Mobile Security. Their roles ranged from Vice President of Sales, Mobile Security for North America, where they were responsible for combining the SmartTrust software division and Secure Devices, to Vice President, Telecom Industry for the Americas.

Jan Lattunen has a long history on working with SIM cards, eSIM solutions from the incubation of first global eSIM solutions to the wide spread OEM adoption of the new technology.

With more than two decades of experience in leadership roles, Jan Lattunen is a recognized thought leader in the confluence of telecommunications, mobile security, and business strategy. They bring a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective on industry trends, challenges, and solutions.