Eunmi Jang

Head of Vietnam Branch, Coconut Silo

Eunmi Jang

Speaker Bio

Eunmi Jang is a dynamic and trailblazing leader who spearheads the remarkable journey of Coconut Silo, an AI mobility company which provides an AI digital logistics platform called COCOTRUCK.

As a visionary with a profound background in technology startups, particularly within the intricate realm of logistics, Eunmi brings forth an unparalleled combination of expertise, innovation, and strategic acumen.

Our core business is COCOTRUCK, a one-stop logistics platform that matches cargo owners and truck drivers who want to transport goods using mobile apps and the web, providing services for the entire transportation process, including quotations.

Coconut Silo aims to leap into an 'international logistics company' that connects continents beyond the Indochina Peninsula by merging and utilizing various fields of technology.