Dr Brenda Connor

Chief Engineer, Mission Critical Systems, Ericsson

Dr Brenda Connor

Speaker Bio

Dr. Brenda Connor has been with Ericsson since 1994 and is providing thought leadership in 4G/5G ecosystems for secure mission critical, smart city, & Industrial IoT use cases.

Passionate about scalable go-to-market approaches that benefit from data-driven outcomes requiring secure and reliable data delivery and insights. Business Model innovator, security expert, and data scientist.

Connor is a change maker for the Networked Society, where every individual and every industry is enabled to reach its true potential. Proven track record of building successful solutions for real time command & control and vertical use cases including a defense-in-depth security approach based on NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Industrial Control Systems guidelines.

Connor holds a B.S. and a M.S in Computer Engineering from Boston University, a PhD in Engineering Management and has been awarded 2 patents in the open ecosystem space.