Amina Boubendir

Head of Research and Standardization, Airbus Defence and Space

Amina Boubendir

Speaker Bio

Dr. Amina Boubendir is Head of Research and Standardisation at Airbus Defence and Space. She promotes research and technology to overcome connectivity and secure communications challenges through development projects on 5G/6G networks and software-oriented design of end-to-end networks, including satellite communications, aerial platforms, and AI-based automated management. Sitting at engineering leadership boards, Amina leads the connectivity roadmap and Airbus contributions at major European and global SDOs like, 3GPP, TMForum, ETSI ISGs, and IEEE DIFI consortium. She represents Airbus at the European 6G Industry Association (6G-IA) and is a member of the Advisory Group of the European 6G Flagships Hexa-X and Hexa-X II.

Amina led a number of projects within Orange Labs in collaboration with industry and academia. She was an expert member of the Orange experts’ community on Networks of the Future.

Amina has a PhD in networks and computer science from Télécom Paris and a publication record of 30+ publications.