LV General Registration Enquiries

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How do I register?

Registration is managed exclusively online here. For detailed information on passes and prices please visit our website

LV General Registration Enquiries

How can I upgrade my pass?

You can upgrade your pass via your registration account.  Click on the Upgrade button in your account home page, select your pass and follow the instructions.

LV General Registration Enquiries

Is there a minimum age to attend MWC Las Vegas?

Yes. The minimum age required to attend the event is 18 years of age.

The GSMA acknowledges that there may be circumstances in which a guardian has to bring an individual younger than 18 years of age (a “Minor”) to the Event in the absence of adequate childcare. Please keep in mind that the Event includes the following before deciding to bring a Minor to the Event as the Event environment may not be suitable for all Minors:

• Large crowds

• Loud noises and music

• Significant visual stimulation (including bright lights, large screens and demonstrations)

Should you decide to still bring a Minor to the Event we are committed to providing you and your Minor with a safe experience.

Minors Friendly Facility: Should you find yourself in need of a moment of quiet while attending the Event, we invite you to visit our minor friendly space that can be found in the Event map within the MWC Las Vegas 2024 Event App that will be live closer to the event.

Pre-Approval Process: Any guardian desiring to bring a Minor to the Event must request approval from GSMA (approval is at GSMA’s sole discretion) prior to entering the Event (please click here to submit the form). Please note the process can take up to 72 hours and any onsite requests may significantly delay your entry to the Event so we encourage you do make all requests in advance.

General Event Requirements: The guardian must accompany the Minor at all times and is responsible for ensuring both the Minor’s safety and the Minor’s compliance with all rules and regulations, including all health and safety protocols. Guardians are asked to help maintain a professional, disturbance-free environment. For safety reasons, Minors are not permitted entry to the Event venue during build-up and dismantling. No exceptions are provided.

LV General Registration Enquiries

Are there any registration or discount codes available?

Registration codes are sent exclusively from Exhibitors, Partners & Sponsors. Only attendees from GSMA Member / CTIA organizations are eligible for a discount on pass purchases.  For more information on GSMA Membership, please visit the GSMA website.

GSMA Member / CTIA codes can only be used whilst the event is live.  Once the registration system has closed, discounts can no longer be applied.

LV General Registration Enquiries

I am having problems with my code, what can I do?

Check the error message when applying your code.  The code may have expired or it may be a code that can only be used in certain circumstances such as upgrades.

If you are still not sure, please contact the person who sent you the code for assistance. 

If it is confirmed that your code is valid, please contact our team at [email protected]

LV General Registration Enquiries

Can I register for more than one person?

You can buy additional passes once you have completed your own registration.  You will have the opportunity to use our Group Purchase option during the registration process.

LV General Registration Enquiries

How can I register as a Speaker?

If you have been confirmed as a speaker, please check with the person who confirmed your attendance for details on how to register

LV General Registration Enquiries

How do I get my GSMA Member / CTIA discount code?

If you are a GSMA Member, please follow the instructions below to retrieve your discount code:

  1. Log into our Member Gateway
  2. Go to Member Organizations and search for your organization
  3. Click on your organization and scroll down to view your Member ID.  Your Member ID will be a 5-7 digit alphanumerical / numerical code
  4. In order to receive your discount, please add your Member ID, pre-fixed by LAS, into the ‘Enter your code’ box (e.g. if your Member ID is12345, enter LAS12345)

For any issues logging into the Member Gateway / retrieving your Member ID, please email [email protected]

If you are a CTIA member, please contact CTIA directly for your discount code at [email protected]. To check if you are a CTIA member, please visit the website

LV General Registration Enquiries

Can I register at the venue?

We do not provide registration desks at the venue and so anyone needing to register onsite would need to use their own mobile device

LV General Registration Enquiries

Is there a registration deadline?

Registrations can be made up until the closing date / time of the event however to speed up your arrivals process, please ensure that you register before arriving at the venue

LV General Registration Enquiries

I'm having problems completing my registration, what can I do?

If you have any issues whilst registering, we have a live chat facility at – just look for the chat symbol in the bottom right hand corner.

LV General Registration Enquiries

My code has expired, what should I do?

If you get a message when applying your code that it has expired, please contact the person who sent you the code for assistance

LV General Registration Enquiries