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Where do I find my CTIA or GSMA Member code?

CTIA and GSMA Members benefit from a 50% discount on passes to MWC Las Vegas 2022.

Please Note: The discount code is only for use by attendees from a Member Organization. Discount codes are not to be shared with external customers and clients. If you use a Member discount code and are not an eligible attendee from a Member Organization, you will be personally liable for the full amount of the applicable registration fee.

If you are a CTIA Member, please contact CTIA via email at [email protected] to receive your registration discount code. To check if your company is a CTIA member, please visit

If you are a GSMA member, follow the below steps to retrieve and use your Member code :

  1. Log into InfoCentre2 and click on My Organization. Locate your Organization ID under Organization Name and Company Introduction. This will be up to 5 digits long.
  2. Add the prefix MWCLV to your Organization ID e.g. MWCLV12345.
  3. If your Organization ID is less than 5 digits, please insert zeros into the blank spaces to create a 5 digit code e.g. MWCLV00123.
  4. During registration, click “Apply Code” enter your code to receive the discount.

If you have any queries regarding your eligibility, contact the GSMA Membership Team.

LV CTIA and GSMA Members Enquiries