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5G adoption continues to grow rapidly as connections are set to reach 1 billion in 2022, boosted by the economic recovery from the pandemic, rising 5G handset sales, network coverage expansions and overall marketing efforts by global carriers. By focusing on digital-first customer experiences, new partner ecosystems and business models emerge as 5G’s speed and intelligence creates a differentiating factor for business. With use cases growing across industries including entertainment, automotive and healthcare, this theme will explore what a tomorrow’s world powered by 5G looks like, and the economics shaping its growth.

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“This is a time of exciting change for the mobile telecom industry. For the first time since the introduction of Wi-Fi, organizations can now control and operate their own private mobile infrastructure to supercharge business operations in a way never before possible. Unlike previous generations of network technology, 5G’s profound improvements that lower latency, increase transmission speeds, and boost network capacity are throwing open the doors to large-scale enterprise digital transformation. We are excited to be pioneering this change.”

~ Rajeev Shah, Founder/CEO, Celona


“In the next decade, 5G and 6G will provide global connectivity which will become a catalyst for societal change. In order for us to reach that stage, it is critical that we focus on the adopting open standards that drive competition and accelerate innovation, while maintaining trustworthiness and security within networks. NEC believes in the benefits of openness and working collaboratively amongst the industry members to build a better world.”

~ Ms. Mayuko Tatewaki, SVP, NEC

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