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5G Connect

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5G adoption continues to grow rapidly as connections are set to reach 1 billion in 2022, boosted by the economic recovery from the pandemic, rising 5G handset sales, network coverage expansions and overall marketing efforts by global carriers. By focusing on digital-first customer experiences, new partner ecosystems and business models emerge as 5G’s speed and intelligence creates a differentiating factor for business. With use cases growing across industries including entertainment, automotive and healthcare, this theme will explore what a tomorrow’s world powered by 5G looks like, and the economics shaping its growth.

5G Connect Agenda Sessions

5G Advanced: A Faster, Fiercer, Future | Wednesday 28 September | 11:30-12:30

The next chapter of 5G begins with 5G Advanced. In this session we will be hearing from experts on how mobile network technology will be transforming to meet increasing demands and enable the rise of disruptive technologies. We will be focusing on the future of 5G Advanced, its potential to enhance digital experiences, some of the key innovations it will bring and its impact on individuals and industries.

Unlocking 5G for Meaningful Connectivity | Wednesday 28 September | 1:30-2:30

We cannot create a truly digital society unless everyone is connected. The digital divide still persists globally as well as in America. The Federal Communications Commission estimates that more than 21 million people in the United States are unconnected. Rapid advancements in 5G, satellite, fixed and mobile broadband connectivity present a cost-effective and long-term solution to bridge the digital divide. This session will delve into the potential of 5G in solving the connectivity problem, while exploring some use cases that are making a meaningful impact in rural America.

Green Networks: Countdown to Zero | Wednesday 28 September | 3:00-4:00

The climate emergency is here and its real. With the rapid deployment of the technology, 5G has the potential to play a significant role towards a net-zero carbon future. Join us as we discover how organizations are transforming processes, using sustainable data centres, virtualization, AI, intelligent optimization and cloud to enable green networks. The session will also explore how stakeholders can work together to improve the energy efficiency of networks, invest in renewable energy, re-evaluate the use of resources to reduce waste and build a circular economy.

Is 5G a Game-Changer for Gaming? | Friday 30 September | 10:00-11:00

The mobile gaming industry is expected to be worth an estimated $272 billion by the year 2030. Fast, reliable low-latency connections are essential to keep the always-on gamer of today connected, especially with gaming seen as the propellor of the metaverse ecosystem. 5G networks are now offering the seamless gaming experience that consumers crave. This session will discuss the premium, personalized services that are vital for gamers, along with exploring how partnerships between operators, cloud/edge computing providers and gaming companies are revolutionizing the industry, paving the way for a gaming experience like never before.

Could this be the Year of Private Networks? | Friday 30 September | 11:30-12:30

By harnessing the power of 5G, enterprises are using Private Networks to transform themselves, processes and customer experiences. A new wave of cross-industry partnerships is emerging as businesses realize the impact of leveraging 5G technology and suppliers seize the opportunity to reach new growth markets. Join us as we discover how enterprises are using Private Networks to deliver, among other things, high multi-user capacity, improved latency and secure end-to-end encryption, ensuring that critical data remains on-site.

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