CIO Summit

Date: Monday, October 7, 2024
Location: Boingo Innovation Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

The digital transformation of the world is well underway. Today’s emerging technologies will be tomorrow’s table stakes, and organizations that become early adopters will be set up for future success. Navigating the array of emerging technologies into a coherent roadmap that meets today’s enterprise needs with an eye towards the horizon is the difficult challenge of every CIO office. 

The CIO Summit at MWC Las Vegas is designed to aid the CIO office in this challenge. This program, more than 5G and more than mobility, is designed to equip enterprise CIOs to fully engage in the new way of doing business: always on, data rich and intelligent. 

The program is designed to provide enterprise CIO/CTOs with a unique, high-level perspective that combines today’s technology choices for automation, data intelligence and digital transformation, with a view of what lies over the horizon in terms of technology choices, challenges and opportunities.  

Speakers have been selected that offer insight into the practical application of mobile, edge, cloud and AI technologies within the digital enterprise. They also bring to the program research, leadership and vision to deliver a clearer understanding for how business leaders must manage the complexities of ‘industry transformation’ but also the opportunities. 

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Network Infrastructure: What Enterprise CIOs Can Learn from Modern Hospitality Properties

Just as hotels and resorts leverage data analytics to anticipate guest needs, CIOs can harness big data to foresee organizational requirements and streamline operations. The seamless integration of technology into the guest experience, such as mobile check-ins and smart room controls, underscores the importance of intuitive interfaces and agile infrastructure in driving efficiency and user adoption within enterprise environments. This session draws multiple parallels between the hospitality industry and enterprise IT environment for CIOs to elevate service delivery, foster innovation, and cultivate a culture of excellence within their organizations.

Mike Finley, CEO, Boingo
Leading Casino CIO/CTO to be determined

Vision Grounded in Reality: What the City of Las Vegas Has Learned Along the Road to a Smarter City

The city of Las Vegas has achieved remarkable feats through the strategic implementation of technology across various sectors. Leveraging advanced data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and artificial intelligence (AI), Las Vegas has transformed urban infrastructure to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and safety of its citizens and visitors. Innovative initiatives like the deployment of intelligent streetlights not only conserve energy but also contribute to public safety by incorporating features like gunshot detection and video surveillance. Through multiple endeavors, Las Vegas has seen how technology can drive economic growth, enhance quality of life, and position cities for the challenges of the future.

Michael Sherwood, CIO, City of Las Vegas

Trusted Suppliers: A Critical Element in Today’s Enterprise Transformation

A network with trusted and secure suppliers is a network environment wherein systems, users, and devices are all classified as trustworthy and thus have higher access and resource privilege. In such a network, many operators assume trust for all devices and users, with complete access to all the resources within the network system. It has limited security barriers and access controls, which will lower the overall security of the network system. Given the ever-growing need for cybersecurity safeguards, developing a framework for a trusted partner/supplier program is critical for the 21st century, networked and digital enterprise IT team.

Andrew Thiessen, Head of 5G, MITRE

Hosted Luncheon


Panel: What You Really Need to Know About GenAI

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), along with the “connected everything” potential of 5G, are game changers in enabling the monetization of insights from the live video and audio feeds of these network connected cameras. However, the complexity of applying media analytics and real time communications into existing and new business systems and processes for informed business decision-making is proving to be a real challenge.

Panelists, including sponsor representatives, to be named later.

How Global Manufacturers Harness Emerging Technology to Maximize Workforce Potential, Amplifying Effort Rather than Replacing Workers

Looking to supplement and amplify the workforce, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and wearables all ranked prominently in new areas for technology investment in 2024. The lines continue to blur between digital and physical operations. More data from systems allows companies to capitalize on their software investments and further empower their workforce with information to optimize operations in real time. The severity of today’s global labor shortage and skills gap intensifies the problem of attracting, managing and retaining skilled workers, but there is hope. New and emerging technology, like GenAI, robotics and wearables, are filling skills gaps and amplifying effort rather than replacing workers.


Panel: What You can Learn from the US Dept. of Defense and Human Machine Interaction

Whether in industrial settings where robots work alongside human workers, or in healthcare where advanced medical devices enhance diagnosis and treatment, Human Machine Interaction (HMI) holds the promise of revolutionizing countless domains, amplifying human potential, and shaping a future where humans and machines tackle complex challenges and unlock new frontiers of possibility. This session explores how HMI facilitates intuitive interaction between humans and machines, enabling unprecedented levels of collaboration, productivity, and innovation.

Invited Speaker: Kevin O’Brien, PhD, Technical Director, Autonomy Portfolio, Defense Innovation Unit
Invited Speaker: Stuart Hatfield, Army G-8 HMI Director, U.S. Army



Panel: It’s About Fitting the Technology Pieces Together, Not the Pieces Themselves

The more infrastructures and tools, the higher the complexity and cost of operations, which in turn makes scaled rollouts unfeasible. This current state of affairs in connectivity, AI, cloud and more is a “wild west” of proliferating tools creating confusion and risk. How do you know which providers, hosts, tools, and models to choose? What is required to build your infrastructure and applications in a way that gives you the flexibility to switch providers or models relatively easily. This closing panel session provides insight into fitting all the enterprise tools together for maximum value.

Closing Remarks & Evening Reception

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