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XproTel: Pioneering Test and Measurement Company Revolutionizing 5G Core Network Testing Solutions

XproTel: Pioneering Test and Measurement Company Revolutionizing 5G Core Network Testing Solutions

September 26, 2023 Las Vegas, NV

XproTel, a new test and measurement company, is taking the telecommunications industry by storm with its innovative 5G core network test solutions. As a frontrunner in technological advancements, XproTel specializes in providing state-of-the-art network simulation and 4G/5G core network simulation testing tools. These powerful tools serve as a cornerstone in supporting equipment manufacturers and service providers, facilitating the design and verification of cutting-edge telecommunications equipment.

With an extensive portfolio of advanced solutions, XproTel is committed to driving the industry forward by delivering unparalleled network test capabilities. By combining our expertise and forward-thinking technology, we aim to establish ourselves as the premier provider of network test solutions.

"The telecommunications landscape is evolving rapidly. At XproTel, our mission is to empower our partners with the most comprehensive and groundbreaking testing solutions available," said Tash Tseng, Co-Founder at XproTel. "We recognize the critical role that reliable and efficient network testing plays in developing and deploying telecommunications technologies. By harnessing the power of our network simulation and 4G and 5G core network simulation testing tools, our clients can confidently pioneer new frontiers of innovation."

With a deep focus on delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions built on the widely-used x86 platform, XproTel’s solutions, including the XproTel L2-L7 Network Simulator and XproTel Replay Core Network Simulator, enable equipment manufacturers and service providers to optimize their networks, enhance performance, and deliver seamless user experiences.

Consistently pushing the boundaries of technological excellence, XproTel remains devoted to innovation and customer satisfaction, developing groundbreaking solutions, empowering stakeholders, and ensuring network reliability and performance in the ever-evolving telecommunications sector.

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About XproTel:

XproTel is a leading test and measurement company specializing in 5G core network test solutions. With a focus on cutting-edge network simulation and testing tools, XproTel supports equipment manufacturers and service providers in designing and verifying state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment. As a forward-thinking industry leader, XproTel strives to offer exceptional network test solutions, empowering its customers to drive innovation and shape the future of telecommunications.

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