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NoviFlow Releases NoviDashboard with instant notification of operational issues for a fleet of NoviBroker packet brokers

NoviFlow Releases NoviDashboard with instant notification of operational issues for a fleet of NoviBroker packet brokers

Single-Pane-of-Glass GUI for CSPs greatly simplifies the creation and maintenance of sophisticated rules for tap-to-tool solutions at multiple Terabit speeds.

Las Vegas, NE – September 28th, 2022- NoviFlow Inc., a leading vendor of high-performance 5G/MEC platform software and programmable network solutions, today announced the commercial release of NoviDashboard, a single-pane-of-glass GUI that provides a fleet view for NoviBroker and NoviAnalytics, NoviFlow’s Packet Broker solution suite specifically designed for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). The announcement follows the widespread deployment of NoviBroker and NoviAnalytics in the commercial network of a Tier-1 North American CSP.

Fleet management is a key component of network visibility solutions for CSPs. NoviDashboard rounds out NoviFlow’s Network Visibility Suite by adding a fleet view to NoviAnalytics monitoring capabilities to cover even the largest fleet installations. With NoviDashboard, CSPs have a global view of the operational health of all NoviBrokers deployed across a network.

  • NoviDashboard’s Global View prioritizes the most critical information first, enabling operations to quickly identify issues
  • Event-driven updates provide instant status of each health category
  • NoviDashboard’s Site Health View allows operators to drill down from the global view to the individual NoviAnalytics view so alerts can be quickly reviewed, and this more detailed information used to identify root causes of failures.
  • Once a problem is identified in NoviDashboard operators are only two clicks away from getting the relevant data to resolve the issue, greatly reducing downtime and protecting CSP service revenues.

It’s important to note that NoviDashboard offers these capabilities without adding additional layers of operational complexity, but rather by making the large numbers of packet brokers far easier to configure, operate and maintain. Troubleshooting configurations has never been easier, and some of our customers report a better than 50% reduction in operating costs using NoviAnalytics with our NoviBroker solution.

NoviFlow’s Visibility Suite leverages the advanced programmable networking capabilities of Intel’s Tofino Intelligent Fabric Processor (IFP) delivered in 3rd party white box hardware, with aggregate throughput up to 12.8Tbps line-rate and supporting interface speeds of 400G for maximum compatibility with existing network infrastructure.

According to Dominique Jodoin, NoviFlow’s President and CEO: NoviFlow’s NoviDashboard represents an exciting new way for CSPs to manage large fleet packet broker installations so they can economically get the right traffic to the right network tools, cybersecurity infrastructure, and network analytics with unprecedented ease and flexibility. It greatly simplifies even the complex packet brokering needs and increased throughput requirements of 5G, MEC, and the mobile cloud."

NoviFlow will officially launch NoviDashboard at the Mobile World Congress Las Vegas event being held September 28h to 30thth. Attendees will be able to meet with members of our team to learn more about our solutions in booth W2.1318. Also, be sure to view NoviFlow’s session: “5G Advanced: A Faster, Fiercer, Future” Wednesday, 28 September from 11:30 – 12:30 pm featuring NoviFlow’s VP of Marketing, Marc LeClerc. See here for more details.


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