Verizon to show that 5G means business at MWC Las Vegas

Verizon to show that 5G means business at MWC Las Vegas

As an official event partner, Verizon Business will showcase the latest in Enterprise Intelligence with technology and network advancements that businesses rely on at Mobile World Congress Las Vegas. Serving 99% of the Fortune 500 in 120 countries, Verizon Business is helping customers solve organizational challenges by delivering meaningful outcomes for businesses of all sizes in the ever-evolving global landscape.

Enterprises today face myriad challenges including changing customer demands and a constantly evolving global landscape. Digital transformation is key to tackling these challenges and building smarter, more agile and more successful businesses. For the enterprise of the future, enterprises will need more than basic connectivity; instead, they will need networks that can enable end-to-end awareness to allow businesses to adapt to opportunities in real-time. Verizon Business calls this Enterprise Intelligence.

"Mobile World Congress Americas is an important event bringing together leaders across industries to share ideas, showcase innovations and bring to the forefront what drives our customers' success. Verizon is here to demonstrate the power of connectivity delivering true enterprise intelligence for our customers, accelerated by 5G technology," said Kyle Malady, CEO, Verizon Business.

Kyle Malady, CEO of Verizon Business, will take the Keynote Stage on Wednesday, September 27, 2023 from 10:20-10:35 am to discuss how Verizon Business is leading technology advancements for businesses around the world. As a technologist himself with experience overseeing the development and deployment of Verizon’s 5G network, Kyle will discuss the important role network expertise plays in identifying and delivering optimal services to meet client needs, being at the forefront of new innovations like network slicing, and driving results that grow an organization. He will highlight real 5G use cases and recent network infrastructure work for major customers such as the VA Palo Alto Healthcare System, Virginia International Terminals, and the National Football League.

In addition to the keynote stage, Verizon will have a substantial presence with leaders from across the business providing thought leadership on how the network America relies on is critical to enabling transformative technologies like AI, network slicing, AR/VR, IoT sensors, and much more!