The State of the Private LTE and 5G Networks report

The State of the Private LTE and 5G Networks report

Key Private Network Sessions to Attend at MWC Las Vegas 2023

Ashish Jain, CEO, KAIROS Pulse and

In an era characterized by rapid digital transformation and an insatiable appetite for seamless connectivity and high throughput, private 5G networks are an exciting force for businesses. The promise of heightened control, security, and tailored communication solutions has stirred anticipation. However, as with any groundbreaking technology, challenges remain, impeding its rapid adoption. Despite the bold predictions, the journey toward private 5G networks has unfolded at a more measured pace than expected, prompting a closer examination of the factors at play.

Mobile World Congress 2023 in Las Vegas is coming soon, and is excited to participate. I’ll be speaking and moderating a panel on Early Enterprise Adopters. Have you considered the challenges faced by enterprises first or early in their sector to deploy a private cellular network? With no one to learn from, what obstacles did they run into? On our panel, we’ll hear from industry leaders such as Rishma Khimji, the Chief IT Offer from the Las Vegas International Airport, Jason Wallin from John Deere, Chris Calvert, Vice President of Private Networks, Logicalis US, and Mike Owen, CTO, BearCom. We will have a wide-ranging discussion on the challenges and successes of deploying their private mobile networks.

That’s only one discussion from the Private Wireless Summit session on September 27. There are several other exciting presentations and panel discussions by Cox, Microsoft, OnGo, Globalstar, and more (Kudos to Tim Downs for putting the program together). Regardless of your interest, several topics will be discussed at the Wednesday morning session. Hear the Chairman of the OnGo Alliance, Preston Marshall, discuss the progress of CBRS and shared spectrum. (Side note – the OnGo Alliance will have a pavilion with pods led by several member companies – a great way to learn about CBRS.). Or perhaps you’re more interested in learning how new 5G Neutral Host Networks offer an alternative to existing DAS networks, how private 5G services can be available on satellite band n53, or how automation, robotics, and managing objects in motion are making factories more efficient?

Why am I stressing about the early Wednesday session? Two reasons – one, you will get to meet me 😊 (jokes apart: I’d like to meet you and hear your views on private mobile networks), and two, it’s a power-packed 3-hour session that will provide a holistic perspective on private wireless network for enterprise business leaders. By the way, you don’t need a full access pass (the expensive one) to attend this event.

However, this is not the only session at MWC 2023 focused on private networks. There are several other standalone events throughout the conference.

For example, if you are curious about how private networks are revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape, join moderators Eric Clark, the CEO of NTT America, and Jo Gilbert from the GSMA, as they lead a panel discussion, “Why do Manufacturers Want Private Networks?”

Another session is simply and clearly titled “What Does it Take to Launch a Successful Private 5G Network?” This 3-hour session has presenters from the City of Las Vegas, Oceus, and T-Mobile. This seminar is by invitation only.

Another seminar you won’t want to miss is the provocatively titled session “Is Private 5G the Future of Enterprise Connectivity?” While I certainly think it is, I also recognize that there are challenges to widespread adoption and that the number of deployments is running behind forecasts. Promises of ultra-low latency and high throughput enabling high-speed factories and autonomous vehicles were common, and projections were high. However, reality has stepped in, and private 5G installations, while progressing, have been slower to materialize than many expected. According to the GSA’s May 2023 Private Mobile Networks report, only 24% of the private networks it tracks are 5G, while 54% are LTE (another 20% are hybrids). I’m curious to hear what these speakers view as the critical factors for successful implementations and to hear the case studies that will be presented.

Security risks are a recognized concern for businesses looking to add a private network. The late Wednesday afternoon session, “Securing Private 5G Networks in the Enterprise,” will tackle how companies can trust private 5G environments and keep users, devices, and data safe.

Private 5G networks have emerged as a powerful force across multiple industries, redefining how businesses operate and communicate. Unlike their public counterparts, private 5G networks provide organizations with a dedicated, controllable, and highly customizable wireless infrastructure. I’m certainly looking forward to hosting one panel, but I’m thrilled to listen to industry experts, learn what’s worked and what hasn’t, and meet the multitude of people actively involved in this exciting technology.

Please join our session on September 27 at 10:10 am PDT; Room W225 West Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center. We look forward to seeing you! To prebook a meeting with me at MWC 2023, please fill out the Contact Us form.

Finally, if you’re an enterprise looking for MWC show passes or you want to invite your enterprise customer to the event, please get in touch with me for a free MWC pass.

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