Back at MWC Las Vegas 2023, Industry City brings you a dedicated conference programme focused on Sports & Entertainment, FinTech, Manufacturing and Smart Mobility, highlighting how connected technologies are breaking boundaries for these adjacent industries. We are on the journey to digital everything, and we, the telecoms sector, can't get there by ourselves. It will take bold leaders and innovating powerhouses from across all sectors to truly achieve a digital future. 


“Advancements in mobile networking fueled by an ecosystem of innovators will accelerate transformation in both business and society,” said Shahid Ahmed, EVP of New Ventures & Innovation at NTT. “Mobile World Congress is one of the most important events not only to demonstrate NTT’s capabilities and the momentum we’re seeing with our connective solutions, especially edge, and private 5G, but also to network with our clients, partners and some of the biggest influencers in the industry. I have no doubt we’ll see some exciting developments from the latest technologies at the edge that will be the next catalysts for innovation and growth from across the industry – all in one fantastic location.”

Shahid Ahmed

Executive Vice President: New Ventures and Innovation
NTT Ltd.




"MWC Las Vegas is the place where innovation takes center stage. We’re excited to share with others across the digital ecosystem how 5G and the Internet of Things are shaping the future of mobile and connected technologies. From connected roads to connected healthcare, AT&T is helping empower our customers to communicate and conquer the challenges of tomorrow with integrated connectivity solutions."

Hardmon Williams III
SVP, AT&T Connected Solutions

"By harnessing the synergy of IoT and 5G, we unlock the full potential of connected infrastructure, connected vehicles, and real-time data analytics, paving the way for a future where technology enhances every aspect of our lives. In the age of AI, IoT and 5G serve as vital catalysts for transformative innovation that will be showcased at Mobile World Congress."

Cameron Coursey
Vice President, AT&T Connected Solutions

"I am thrilled to be involved in MWC 2023, as it showcases the pivotal role our AT&T 5G network plays in empowering enterprises to transform their operations. Our cutting-edge solutions address intricate business challenges, and our dedicated teams eagerly anticipate engaging in conversations about the groundbreaking advancements in wireless 5G connectivity."

Joe Mosele
Vice President, AT&T Enterprise Solutions – Mobility

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