Why Your Brand Needs a Podcast

Why Your Brand Needs a Podcast

How does your brand connect with business decision makers? According to a recent study, business decision makers (BDMs) are 47% more likely to listen to podcasts.

Showcasing your brand’s deep expertise and thought leadership can start a lasting conversation with your audience. And podcasts are the newest mass-reach medium for B2B storytelling, connecting you with highly engaged audiences, from entrepreneurs to enterprise executives.

With the #1 podcasting company in your corner, getting started is easy.

How to Create a Branded Podcast

  1. Align on the Vision
    Identify your challenge or objective, and establish the creative format, structure, talent, and stories. At iHeartMedia, our branded podcast studio, Ruby, will sit down to understand your business, audience, and ideal outcomes.

  2. Produce and Execute
    Develop core episode themes and storylines, begin guest outreach, and capture content. Ruby has won several awards for brand storytelling from Ad Week, The Webby Awards, and the Effies to name a few.

  3. Scale Promotion
    Leverage a massive partner to promote and distribute your show. iHeartMedia is the leader in podcasting and distributes our shows everywhere – from the iHeartRadio app to Apple and Spotify. In fact, 1/3 of all podcast listening on Spotify is attributed to iHeartPodcasts.

  4. Measure Success
    Whether you’re focused on brand awareness, website visits, or in-store sales, make sure you’re measuring the KPIs that matter most. iHeartMedia partners with vendors like Nielsen, Kantar, Catalina, and Affinity Solutions to make sure you’ve got the insight you need.

  5. BONUS: Take the Show on the Road
    Extend your story and podcast with special, live tapings at owned events and industry gatherings, expanding your brand story and customer connections. iHeartMedia runs some of the largest music and entertainment events in the country, and can help turn your podcast into in-person opportunities to connect with your audience.

Go from concept to distribution in just 12 weeks with iHeartMedia, the leader in producing branded podcasts that speak to the B2B community, scaling the content to a monthly audience of 22M+ business decision makers. We have a proven track record of creating successful podcasts for Brands like T-Mobile, IBM, and Salesforce, generating nearly 1 billion total listening minutes.

Get started today: ihmtech&[email protected].

Source: Scarborough Podcast Recontact Study (USA+) 2022 Release 2 Total (May 2023). BDM reach is based on combining on-air O&O, streaming, and podcast listeners from Scarborough.