Volodymyr Lutchenko

Chief Technology Officer, Kyivstar

Volodymyr Lutchenko

Speaker Bio

Volodymyr Lutchenko, Kyivstar´s Chief Technology Officer has 25-year experience, worked for the biggest mobile and fixed broadband companies in Ukraine (Kyivstar, Lifecell, Datagroup, Volia, Farlep), took leading roles in M&As and transformation projects in Ukraine telecommunication area.

As CTO of Ukraine’s largest mobile operator, Volodymyr faced huge technical challenges starting from beginning of Russia-Ukraine war: massive migration inside and outside of Ukraine, destroyed infrastructure, blackouts, cyberthreats, etc.

Thanks to the initiatives developed by Volodymyr and his team before the war and during the active military operations, 90% of the Kyivstar telecom network continues to work and provide people with communication services.

Volodymyr is winner of Y2022 international awards from:

– NetworkX in category “Telco Executive of the Year”

– Mobile Europe in category “Above and Beyond”