Todd Landry

Vice President, Applications & Innovation, JMA

Todd Landry

Speaker Bio

Todd Landry is the Vice President of Applications & Innovation for Syracuse, New York-based JMA Wireless, leading technology and solutions market strategy.


He was instrumental in the vision of JMA’s virtualized RAN, 5G and software vision, and with the emergence of private wireless, is driving the revolution of enterprise mobilized workstreams via complete solutions architectures.

Landry previously held executive product, market, and technology leadership positions with NEC Corporation, Sphere Communications, 3Com, and U.S. Robotics. His accomplishments are vast – among many things, he led the industry’s first Internet access platform, and delivered carrier grade VoIP into operator networks and systems that enabled the first-ever mobile Internet connectivity on cell phones.

Landry holds numerous patents in communications and wireless technology areas and is a graduate of DeVry University and Illinois Northeastern University in engineering and interdisciplinary studies.

He is a regular speaker in global forums, panels, and keynotes, and is a member of the board of directors for the U.S. Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), a founding member of The Next G Alliance, and sits on the advisory board for the CMO Council.