Therese Stowell

VP, Product Management, Onfido

Therese Stowell

Speaker Bio

Therese Stowell is VP of Product at Onfido, a global leader in identity verification. Stowell is responsible for the document and biometrics lines of business. This includes the company’s flagship identity verification product, the Real Identity Platform, helping businesses drive customer acquisition while preventing fraud and satisfying global compliance needs. 

Therese Stowell’s focuses include digital identity, AI, biometrics, and developer platforms. An international public speaker and contributor, Stowell is a member of the Biometrics Institute and a winner of the Nesta Open Data prize. She has also appeared on BBC news and contributed articles in Harvard Business review.

Before joining Onfido, Therese Stowell was at Microsoft, Pivotal and several startups. Stowell holds a degree from Brown University in Computer Science.