Satyajit Doctor

President and Founder, Award Solutions, Inc.

Satyajit Doctor

Speaker Bio

Satyajit Doctor (“Doc”) co-founded Award Solutions in 1997 and has since held many roles in the company’s 26-year history, currently serving as President. Doc’s passion for advanced technology and delivering exceptional training programs is unmistakable and influences Award’s products/services, day-to-day operations, and vision.

Doc’s 30+ years of experience and expertise spans network transformation technologies, network operations and security, data services, and IoT. Over the years, Doc has been instrumental in the definition and design of new products and network architectures, network operations strategies, and software products.

Doc champions technical and market research as well as strategic consulting projects with leading companies throughout the ecosystem of chipset manufacturers, product and tool vendors, and application and service providers. Doc holds a patent in the communication space.