Sanjay Manandhar

CEO and Co-Founder, Wicket

Sanjay Manandhar

Speaker Bio

Sanjay Manandhar is a Cambridge-based technology entrepreneur, investor, and mentor to a number of companies in AI, Computer Vision, FinTech, HealthTech, IoT, and MediaTech. Sanjay is currently CEO and co-founder of Wicket (, which provides facial authentication (facial ticketing, facial entry, and facial payments) and computer vision products to large venues in sports & entertainment, corporate, industrial, aviation, and the government.

Sanjay was the founder & CEO of Aerva, a SaaS software company to manage content on digital displays for advertising, employee communications, or entertainment. In total, Aerva managed close to 10,000 displays globally, from Times Square billboards to thousands of Anheuser-Busch 7-foot digital cooler doors, display in 33+ US Naval bases, universities, convention centers, airports, and transit hubs. Sanjay founded, grew, and sold Aerva in 2015 without raising any outside capital.

From 1996 to 1999, Sanjay picked technology stocks in London for a fund with GBP 12 billion under management. Sanjay’s early career was at Sun Microsystems and Olivetti in Silicon Valley, NYNEX, and Siemens in Cambridge. Originally from Nepal, Sanjay brought the Internet to Nepal in 1994, creating the first two Internet Service Providers (ISP) there. Sanjay has a bachelor’s degree in EECS from MIT, a master’s degree from MIT Media Lab, and an MBA from INSEAD.