Nicole McDaniel

CCO, Marketing, Public Relations & Regulatory Affairs, Smith Bagley, Inc.

Nicole McDaniel

Speaker Bio

Over the past 2 decades, Nicole has been a part of driving the tremendous growth and success of Smith Bagley, Inc., the company that owns Cellular One, Naked Mobile, Sunstate Technology Group, and Photon Fiber by SBi.

Her dynamic leadership style and passion for marketing, sales, and customer satisfaction make her uniquely qualified to serve as Chief Communications Officer as SBi.

As Chief Communications Officer for SBi Nicole directs all Commercial Sales outlets, Product Development, Marketing/PR, Procurement and Distribution, Tribal Relations and Regulatory Affairs.  In 2018 with SBi’s acquisition of an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP), Sunstate Technologies Group, Nicole’s role expanded to include consulting on culture-building and day-to-day operations for that division.

From 2012 to 2014, Nicole served as Head of Marketing for Cellular One. Under her leadership and direction, the Marketing Department rolled out fresh branding for Cellular One, launched a new 3G/4G product line, and developed an entirely new product brand, Naked Mobile.

Between 2005 and 2012, Nicole managed inventory for SBi’s entire cellular division. Prior to her involvement, this vital component of the company’s success was in need of an organized, fiscally savvy and competent approach.

From 2002 through 2005, Nicole served as Sales Director, leading a team of 70 employees. It was during this time that Cellular One launched its landmark Lifeline program to provide subsidized cellular service to a number of Tribal Nations throughout the Southwest. The program, called VisionOne, continues to serve as a model for reaching underserved communities.

In February 2000, Nicole was recruited by the Cellular One management team to serve as a Sales Manager for the company. Utilizing her customer service and marketing skills to build a network of sales venues for the company.  She successfully established, trained, and managed a group of approximately 20 Cellular One authorized agents in strategic locations throughout the network service area.