Min Yong (Tony) Ha

Chief Development Officer, SK Telecom

Min Yong (Tony) Ha

Speaker Bio

Tony Ha has over 25 years of experience in the telecommunication industry. Over these years, he has held numerous leadership positions working his way from corporate-level joint initiatives, and global strategic partnerships to new business development. He is currently spearheading initiatives encompassing M&A, strategic partnership, and raising capital based on a deep understanding of key drivers across metaverse, quantum security, and AI businesses.

He is passionate about finding the intersection between innovative technologies and businesses across various fields. He is actively involved in expanding the reach of mobile services throughout urban air mobility, quantum cryptography, connected intelligence, and AI-enabled solutions.

He is a current member of the Board Of Directors at IDQ, a quantum cryptography company in Swiss, and IT&E, a telecom provider in Guam and Saipan. He also served as a member of Bridge Alliance. Prior to his current role, he was Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Business Development Officer at Webe digital for 5 years, overseeing business KPIs and leading strategic partnerships with other global telco partners.

Tony holds a Master of Business Administration from Indiana University and a bachelor of Economics from the University of Seoul.