Masaaki Koga

Executive Director, KDDI

Masaaki Koga

Speaker Bio

Masaaki Koga is Executive Director of KDDI responsible for Industry Standards under Technology sector.

He joined KDDI (DDI at that time) after graduating from Kyushu University master course of electronics. He had worked on implementation, development and strategic planning of mobile technologies from 2G to 5G as a senior manager or a general manager.

He has been involved in many standardization activities including 3GPP, 3GPP2 and ITU-T/R. He chaired the CDG international roaming team for more than 8 years and received 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Award in 2006 for his Industry Leadership.

He strongly believes that industry standards will continue to drive technology and business innovation. He has been a Technology Group member of GSMA.