Mariam Sorond

CTO, Service Provider & Edge Business Unit, VMware

Mariam Sorond

Speaker Bio

While I am an engineer “by trade and education,” my career accomplishments come from my ability to create and lead strategies that drive a company’s success. I am somewhat of an anomaly; with a deep knowledge of broadband, mobile wireless, fixed, and satellite networks. Very few people have worked in all four industries. Very few have experience being an architect, strategist, and leader who has the business acumen and understands the technology and the regulatory / policy issues that face these industries.

Most recently, I led the strategy and R&D as the member companies and vendors focused on creating a competitive wireless business. During my two years at CableLabs, I created the Mobile Convergence Committee of operators and Convergence Council of vendors to bring the industry together on the convergence of DOCSIS, 5G/6G, Wi-Fi, PON technologies, to create use cases, architectures, frameworks, and specifications.

My move to lead the R&D for CableLabs, the innovation lab focused on delivering impactful network technologies for the entire industry, was natural for me.

Previously, I worked with Cofounder & Chairman Charlie Ergen as the wireless architect for DISH’s entry into the wireless market.

With Lucent Technologies, I was a leader in the wireless deployments in the US, Brazil, and Europe across multiple operators.