Kyle Malady

EVP & CEO, Verizon Business

Kyle Malady

Speaker Bio

Kyle is Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Verizon Business, a leading global technology company serving 99% of Fortune 500 companies in over 120 countries. Kyle and his team are responsible for delivering the next generation of technology-driven innovation to their customers around the world. 

Kyle is a seasoned industry expert who has extensive experience in developing and implementing  networks and applications for both the public and private sectors, and is a leader in the development of global 5G-related infrastructure.

Previously, Kyle served as Executive Vice President and President of Verizon’s Global Networks and Technology (GN&T) team. This group is responsible for Verizon's technology and product development, and building, maintaining and securing America’s leading wireless network and largest residential fiber broadband service in Fios, in addition to a vast IP network serving global customers.

Kyle began his career as a cell site technician for NYNEX Mobile Communications, which became Bell Atlantic Mobile and ultimately, through a series of transactions, became Verizon Wireless. During his long tenure, he has held a variety of positions in operations, planning, technology, engineering, and finance. He has also served as Verizon’s vice president of New Product Development