Jonathan Morrow

Senior Director of Corporate Strategy , T-Mobile DevEdge

Jonathan Morrow

Speaker Bio

As Senior Director of Corporate Strategy at T-Mobile, Jon Morrow is responsible for identifying, incubating, and launching next generation of businesses for America’s Best Mobile Network. Currently, Jon leads T|Secured – a T-Mobile business with a portfolio of fraud, identity and security solutions serving 3rd party Enterprises. The T|Secured team brings innovative solutions to market to protect customers and mitigate mobile fraud by using scaled, unique, and differentiated carrier capabilities.


Jon is an experienced executive with a track record of entrepreneurial leadership at T-Mobile. Throughout his 10 years at T-Mobile, Jon as driven multiple initiatives leveraging network data and capabilities to create and grow adjacent, revenue generating businesses including T-Mobile Tuesdays and T-Mobile Advertising Solutions. Prior to joining the Uncarrier, Jon’s focus has been on business growth thru new to world innovations with several patents to his name. He is well versed in navigating US Data Privacy laws to deliver robust solutions while holding to both the spirit and letter of state and federal regulations.

Jon holds an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington. He, his wife and two kids live outside Bellevue, WA.