Joe Constantine

Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, JMA Wireless

Joe Constantine

Speaker Bio

Joe Constantine is the Chief Technology and Strategy Officer for Syracuse, New York-based JMA Wireless.  Joe joined the company in April, 2021.

Constantine is a seasoned global telecom executive with a strong business and technical background including extensive direct customer engagement. He has a deep understanding of the wireless industry including evolution of the technology, business landscape and strategies, and customer needs.

Prior to joining JMA, Joe was the Chief Technology Officer for Ericsson in North America. He joined the company in 2000, holding a variety of leadership positions in Europe, Asia and North America. Prior to his roles in North America, he was Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Ericsson Korea.

Before joining Ericsson, Constantine was Founder and CEO of JCE Consulting, which provided IT and Professional Training Services to academic institutions. Earlier in his career he held a variety of sales positions in Europe and taught at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, from which he holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering.

Constantine is a strong proponent of global sustainability and believes that a connected world is a basic human right.