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Does Open RAN Have to be Fully Interoperable?


Wed, Sep 27: 11:30 am - 11:50 am PDT


Debate Stage – W223, Level 2


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While the Open RAN movement seeks to create a more open and flexible approach to building and operating mobile networks, there are differing opinions on whether full interoperability is necessary for success. Some argue that fully interoperable Open RAN systems are essential to achieve the goal of a more competitive and diverse mobile network industry, while others believe that a more flexible approach that allows for partial interoperability may be more practical and achievable.

In this debate, we will delve into the technical and strategic considerations surrounding Open RAN interoperability, including the challenges and benefits of creating a fully standardized interface between different Open RAN components. We will also explore the various approaches that mobile network operators, equipment vendors, and other stakeholders can take to achieve their interoperability goals, and examine some of the potential trade-offs involved.

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