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Tech Horizon

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To embrace the full potential of 5G and adjacent technologies, anyone can have a great idea but working collaboratively across industry will deliver its greatest value. The ubiquitous nature of mobile connectivity can enable tech innovation to achieve the economies of scale needed to create impact. By putting a spotlight on high growth verticals such as FinTech, smart cities and gaming, the Tech Horizon theme will explore how mobile will transform our future through partnerships that fuel ambition with long term benefits.

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“Today, we are on the cusp of a meaningful merger of the digital and physical realms powered by the extreme performance and high responsiveness of 5G. From immersive entertainment to over 100 proof-of-concepts in manufacturing, mining and other verticals, at Ericsson we continue to stress test 5G for what the future holds. We are also just scratching the surface. As the network world and the developer community come together and new devices appear, 5G will prove to be an innovation platform unlike anything we’ve seen before.”

- Niklas Heuveldop, President and CEO Ericsson North America


“ServiceNow is proud to be working with many innovative service providers around the world to help them launch new services, elevate their customer and employee experience, and workflow their operations across the service delivery, care, assurance, network, and IT organizations. Rogers, DISH, BT, Vodafone, and NTT are a few of the many operators achieving strong outcomes with ServiceNow.”

~ Chris Bauschka, Vice President and Head of Telecom, Media & Technology Industries, ServiceNow