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Internet of Everything

Today, Internet of Things (IoT) affords us the vital ability to sense everything everywhere. With over 40 billion devices and advancements in AI and edge computing, the growing suite of connected devices and smart technologies enables us to live comfortably, efficiently and support sustainability. The increased adoption of IoT is helping to reimagine and transform physical spaces to be more adaptive, customized and to anticipate new needs before they arise. Internet of Everything is the next evolutionary stage of the connected world, and we’re still just scratching the surface.

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“The promise of the Internet of Things is finally coming to fruition as advancements across wireless connectivity, low-power processing, and artificial intelligence are converging to power a new era of smart, connected devices that will redefine experiences, and help drive digital transformation across virtually every industry. The opportunities for creating new services, business models, and revenue streams are truly limitless.”

~ Juho Sarvikas, VP & President, North America, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.