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Internet of Everything

Today, Internet of Things (IoT) affords us the vital ability to sense everything everywhere. With over 40 billion devices and advancements in AI and edge computing, the growing suite of connected devices and smart technologies enables us to live comfortably, efficiently and support sustainability. The increased adoption of IoT is helping to reimagine and transform physical spaces to be more adaptive, customized and to anticipate new needs before they arise. Internet of Everything is the next evolutionary stage of the connected world, and we’re still just scratching the surface.

Internet of Everything Agenda Sessions

Connectivity with a Brain | Thursday 29 September | 1:30-2:30

The number of IoT connected devices is increasing exponentially and according to recent reports will increase to 6.2 billion by 2030 from just 1.8 in 2020. But just being connected is only half of the story as the true value lies in the devices being able to communicate with one another. The combination of AI and 5G are vital ingredients in supporting networks and devices to be more intelligently connected and in doing so, bringing us a step closer to zero touch automation. This session will outline where AI can deliver a more effective, efficient, and sustainable IoT network, as we also explore what a future integrated network looks like with AI at its core.

The Marriage of the Physical & Virtual World | Thursday 29 September | 3:00-4:00

It’s been 20 years since the concept of Digital Twins was introduced by Michael Grieves in a presentation given at the University of Michigan. Although, the technology in principle has been practised since the 1960’s and most famously used by NASA in 1970 with the launch of Apollo 13, allowing on the ground engineers to test solutions to issues that occurred during that near-fatal trip. However, it has not been until the last 5 years that the use of Digital Twins has evolved to be a strategic decision in businesses technology plans. As the Internet of Things has grown, it has enabled Digital Twins to be more cost effective, providing enormous advantages to help improve efficiency, planning and testing within organisations. This session will examine the growing relationship between the physical and digital worlds, and how businesses can utilize this concept for the future.

Securing the Connected World | Thursday 29 September | 4:30-5:30

With the implementation of 5G and the ensuing increase of connected devices, we are seeing a migration to virtualised network functions which bring a wide range of benefits, including network slicing, network scalability and greater flexibility of vendor choice. But they also bring a range of potential security challenges. In this session we will explore how network operators must work together with their network equipment partners to ensure that whichever combination of 5G hardware and software they choose is secure. We will discuss key challenges such as how to ensure virtualised network functions software is always kept up to date, that code is authentic, and is running in a trusted environment.

Limitless Data | Friday 30 September | 10:00-11:00

The growth of 5G Networks brings with it a significant rise in connected devices, all of which are producing and collecting reams of data. According to recent industry forecasts, the amount of data created will grow at a faster rate than the available installed storage capacity. So what are organisations options to this surging demand for data storage and what are benefits and challenges to these? This session will delve into the world of data collection and storage and what transformation needs to take place and quickly, to make sure technologies, containers and virtual servers can keep up with this ever-increasing demand.

What’s Hot in the Connected World? | Friday 30 September | 11:30-12:30

Life is for sharing, and it has never been easier with the proliferation of connected networks and devices. The last couple of years have been a catalyst for innovation, not only in connecting businesses and people, but in generating solutions that help organisations work efficiently and allow individuals to live more freely. This session will explore what’s next - where enhanced connectivity is improving business, new technology that is enabling cities to become even smarter, and showcasing healthcare solutions that treat and manage health issues more effectivity.

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