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Cloud migration is an important enabler of digitalization with the cloud market projected to reach $75 billion by 2026. With the emergence of Web3, NFTs and the metaverse, becoming cloud native has become a de facto standard for 5G networks to deliver a fully automated and intelligent network. Whilst careful navigation is needed to ensure long term value creation for mobile carriers, advancements in Artificial Intelligence, network slicing, edge computing and OpenRAN has seen a new blueprint emerge fit for a digital future.

Cloudnet Agenda Sessions

Building Metaverse-Ready Networks | Wednesday 28 September | 1:30-2:30

The metaverse is the future of the internet. Making the metaverse a reality will require significant advancements in network latency, symmetrical bandwidth and overall speed of networks and the current network infrastructures will need to evolve to accommodate the upcoming metaverse platform. Join the session to explore how the network need to be designed, architected and deployed, the challenges and opportunities for industry-wide collaborations, and how new partnerships across the telecom ecosystem need to be prepared to tackle the challenges on the road to metaverse.

The Future Network has no Boundaries | Wednesday 28 September | 3:00-4:00

To unleash the full potential of 5G and create value in the future 6G world, carriers need to examine the way networks are designed, built, operated, maintained and monetized. An open and collaborative approach across and beyond the telecom industry will be essential to its success, but what does openness look like within a network? Is a combination of fixed, mobile and satellite networks needed to provide universal, high-speed and high-capacity coverage? And with the development of Open API and Open RAN, a key question is emerging, how open do we need our networks to be?

Cloud for Telco vs Cloud by Telco | Thursday 29 September | 1:30-2:30

Considered a key element of the digital transformation, cloud is starting to be adopted across the world, primarily driven by the rise of the cloud-native 5G technology, unexpected spike in data traffic due to the global pandemic, surge in broadband services and increasing customer demands. Apart from the potential to reduce the cost and improve operational efficiency, cloud unlocks more opportunities by accelerating telco’s reinvention into a digital service provider. Join this session to discover telco’s role in the cloud ecosystem, what are the new business opportunities being created through the cloud-native networks and the telecom cloud services that are generating new revenue streams?

5G Network, Fancy a Slice? | Thursday 29 September | 3:00-4:00

5G enables new user applications innovations across all industries and network slicing is a prominent feature by enabling service providers to offer innovative services tailored to specific customers’ requirements. As user applications and business models expand, how will network slicing unleash the full potential of 5G and 5G Advanced? How is network slicing being leveraged across different sectors, and unlocking new revenue opportunities? The GSMA estimates that in combination with other enablers and capabilities, Network Slicing will permit operators to address a revenue opportunity worth $300 Billion by 2025. Fancy capturing a slice of the revenue pie?

Road to Zero-Touch Automation | Thursday 29 September | 4.30-5.30

With network virtualization, 5G and IoT, operators can potentially increase revenue from their networks. However, to fully unleash its potential requires dynamic management. Mobile carriers are continuing down the path to zero-touch networks automation with the promised potential to eliminate manual errors, improve operational efficiency and reduce time to market for new services, but key questions need to be addressed. Where should automation start, and how close are we ready to fully get human intervention out of the networks? Does zero-touch network offer a glimpse into Open RAN multi-vendor interface and enables orchestration of network slices with the performance guarantees? And when will self-driving networks for 5G and beyond finally meet the expanding needs of a digital future?

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