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Age of AI

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The fastest growing app of all time, ChatGPT reached 100 million monthly active users in January 2023, just two months after launching. To put that into context Facebook took 4.5 years and TikTok 9 months. Whilst AI in the context of network automation has been discussed for some time, ChatGPT and Bard’s success in reaching the consumer market has created huge excitement - and concern – as to what this could mean in our everyday lives. From education to music, entertainment and coding, AI’s intrinsic value is in how it interacts with other technologies and user data. As we enter an unprecedented new Age of AI, how far will its technology and applications go?

As the exploration of extended reality and metaverse continues, 5G will be key to enabling the latest innovations in the physical, digital and virtual worlds. The customer experience in the next five years will be completely transformed – and now is the time to start exploring how we can unlock this virtual vision and bring people closer together.


"Artificial intelligence has quickly become one of the most significant and influential technologies of our time, unleashing a new wave of innovation across industries and experiences. With our leadership in on-device AI, power-efficient processing, and advanced connectivity, Qualcomm is bringing greater levels of intelligence and new generative AI capabilities to the edge to help companies transform their businesses for the AI era."

Juho Sarvikas
President, North America