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Murata Electronics

Murata Electronics

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Murata introduces Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) modules based on an NXP transceiver IC for low power tag operation or high performance UWB range measurement capabilities with three antennas attached.

Type 2DK module is designed as a complete low power UWB tag solution that includes NXP QN9090 Bluetooth LE SoC, NXP SR040 transceiver IC, and integrated separate antenna for UWB and Bluetooth LE. Simply add a coin cell battery to complete the UWB tag product!

Type 2BP module is a SR150 transceiver IC only module with a three-antenna support for UWB allowing 3D or 2D Angle of Arrival (AoA) support. Along with the module, an evaluation kit that includes NXP QN9090 Bluetooth LE SoC, NXXP SE051W secure element IC, type 2BP, and antenna (3 for UWB, 1 for Bluetooth LE) is available for quick range performance test, validation test on the module and software development.

A live “Follow Me” UWB tracking and AoA technology demonstration featuring Murata’s 2BP module will be held in our booth.

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  • UWB modules featuring NXP IC (2BP, 2DK)