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Sosiro is a social app that allows you to socialize in a foreign country while exploring a new city as it allows you to meet people from the same country, familiar cultures and talk limitlessly in a common language. When you travel abroad or embark on a new adventure, Sosiro is always with you to discover the people you speak the same language with. Start meeting people from your country or people who speak a common language with you.

It’s easy to meet people in Sosiro. Filter your country or the languages ​​you speak on the Discover page; find people with common characteristics on the map and start socializing by adding people you want to communicate with.

Follow the events announced on Sosiro and get the opportunity to be a part of unique social circles. Join events in the city, meet people from your country or meet people from different cultures! You can also organize your events and create your own cultural circle as you wish.

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