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Microamp Solutions

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The network we deploy is created by our custom-designed Integrated 5G mmWave O-RAN Radio Units. They offer direct (real-time), high data rate streaming and advanced onboard processing allowing for new functionalities like Augmented Reality (AR) powered by 5G edge computing technology.

Our solution is fully scalable and flexible due to Plug&Play Radio Units and cloud-based network software. We allow easy setup, modification and scaling up your network, from 1 or 2 sites up to hundreds of sites.

We support an OpenRAN 7.2x split fronthaul network implementation to easily upgrade your current network.

Every radio unit is covered with post-deployment service, customer support and a warranty.

Product features:
-High data rate & capacity
-Plug & play setup
-Extended range
-Edge computing onboard
-Hardware manufactured in the EU

Product Images

  • 5G mmWave O-RAN Radio Unit