KITA Daejeon & Sejong & Chungnam Center


Established in 1946, the Korea International Trade Association (KITA) is Korea's premier business group with 73,000+ members. The KITA Daejeon, Sejong, & Chungnam Center champions trade and protects local industries. Among their supported 11 pioneers are:

-AIRSOUND: AI-powered, multilingual real-time captions.
-Philophos: Cutting-edge retina imaging.
-Remoshot: Digital design in 3D metaverse and cultural content.
-EmCT: Rapid responses to disasters with AI-cloud tech.
- SCIENTEC LAB: From analyzing food to IoT-driven odor detection.
-SIM2REAL: Simulations producing synthetic AI data.
-MCK Tech: Graphene tech in digital health.
-Myren: AI for immediate accident alerts.
- Innobase: IoT from vehicle tracking to healthcare across Korea & Europe.
- PILLSANG: AI security detecting new malicious URLs.
-Fairipedu: Advancing EduTech with AI, VR, & AR.