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VoIP Forum: Voice Fraud, an Ecosystem Challenge


Wed, 28 Sep: 09:30 - 11:30 PDT

Open to All


Level 3, W311, WEST HALL

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Join us in an international conversation to see how the global community can collaborate to prevent nuisance and fraudulent calls. Experts and leaders from the government, operator businesses, gateways, and industry groups will discuss the voice fraud landscape, the mitigation techniques used today, and those that are planned for the future.


Governments and operators have made significant strides in mitigating nuisance and fraudulent calls, yet U.S. consumers still receive around 4 billion robocalls per month. Unfortunately, advancements in technology make it cheap and easy to make massive numbers of calls and to “spoof” caller ID information.


Event Agenda

-  Fraud in Telecom, a Global Challenge

-  Biometrics in Fraud Prevention

-  International Voice Gateways Roles and Challenges

-  How Robocalls and Voice Fraud are Affecting International Operators

-  The Fraud Challenge from a Domestic Point of View

-  Industry Perspective and Approach

-  Panel Discussion - Q&A

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