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Sustainability in Telecoms – The Road Towards Net Zero


Who would this Benefit

Any organisation interested in sustainability in telecoms. This includes network operators, equipment manufacturers, service providers, government agencies, renewable energy companies, regulators, and consultants.



The environment, with energy use and management being the overriding consideration, is one of the three pillars of sustainability, and the telecoms industry has a long journey ahead as governments strive for net zero by 2050!


Energy - costs, generation, and usage – has been a critical consideration in the Telecom Industry for decades, and with the ongoing development of 4G and advanced fixed networks, and the introduction of 5G and its enabling technologies, the picture becomes much more complex.


To make sense of it all, this course looks at sustainability and energy, specifically from the telecommunications industry perspective. We explore how the drive to Net Zero is impacting financial regulation; how telecoms providers can assess their current position; measurement and reporting – and the requirements for Scope 1, 2 and 3; decarbonising the supply chain; setting useful targets; reducing climate impact in the network; and examples of existing and emerging initiatives from the industry.


Introduction and the Telecoms Context

Current and emerging climate-related financial regulations impacting telecom

Explaining Scope 1, 2 and 3

Key steps for telecom providers to assess how sustainable they currently are

Why the telecoms industry is so vital in the journey to Net Zero

Reducing climate impact in the network

What Greenhouse Gases (GHG) and carbon emissions are

Measuring and reporting GHG emissions

Supply Chain engagement for decarbonisation

Setting targets

Industry-Specific Collaboration and Standardisation on Sustainability and Energy

Example Sustainability Initiatives in Telecoms

Doors Open: 10:30 AM

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