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Smart Mobility Summit: How Mobile is Changing the Logistics Industry


Thu, 29 Sep: 16:30 - 17:30 PDT

Open to All


W1, Industry City Stage, WEST HALL


Session Description

In a world where consumers expect same-day deliveries and businesses rely on forecasted stock delivery times, the worldwide supply chain disruption has put a complex and already strained industry under further pressure. The need for the digitalisation of the global logistics industry has never been clearer - or more pressing. In this session, industry experts will explore how mobile technologies and the use of big data intelligence can herald in a new age for the logistics industry by:


- Enabling crucial visibility across the supply chain and providing real-time tracking and monitoring of goods in transit – from factory floor to end-user

- Facilitating new means of transport for improved efficiency and flexibility, such as autonomous trucks and drone deliveries

- Leveraging telematics for greener, more efficient and predictive route-planning to anticipate and manage delay or disruption

- Use cases for drone delivery

- How connectivity and IoT help with efficiency

- Benefits of using alternatives like drones

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