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Security Summit - Strengthening Mobile Ecosystem Security

Doors Open
1:45 PM

Wed, Sep 27: 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm PDT



W220, Level 2


Session Description

5G promises the potential to deliver transformative next generation services for both consumer and enterprises. Against the backdrop of a challenging cybersecurity landscape,this summit will discuss the significant challenges in delivering a safe trustworthy, and secure 5G experience for both consumers and enterprises.


This session will be broken down into two parts and will provide perspectives from operators and vendors on the following areas:

- Smartphones and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) have transformed the way both consumers and enterprises consume digital services and share information. Handset security is key to both consumers (privacy and services) and enterprises alike. How can consumers make informed handset security choices?

- Show how security is adding value to the industry and not seen as just a cost, and empowering both end users and enterprises to make better security decisions.

- Discussion and assessment of the security threats from the last year and predications for the year ahead.



Part 1 - Communications and Connected Devices - Cyber Security Challenges and Opportunities

As future-looking technologies like AI and 5G are more widely used, mobile ecosystem stakeholders -- industry, academia, policymakers, and consumers -- need to ensure that connected devices are prepared for new cybersecurity challenges and opportunities. We take a holistic look at the current cybersecurity landscape, and explore its strengths, weaknesses, and how cybersecurity can evolve in the immediate term in order to prepare for the long-term.



Part 2 - Mobile Security Landscape

This session will provide an overview of significant security threats impacting the mobile telecommunications landscape. GSMA and industry experts will give insight to how the mobile ecosystem can build stronger security resilience by discussing key security topics within infiltration, access exploitation and availability compromise. Building on trends since the GSMA’s 5th annual Security Threat Landscape Report launched at MWC Barcelona 2023, the session will highlight the security threats and industry response through industry examples. 



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Doors Open: 1:45 PM

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