Tech Talks

Securing Your Mobile Networks with Fortinet


Thu, 29 Sep: 12:00 - 12:30 PDT

Open to All


W2, Tech Talk Stage, WEST HALL


Session Description

Mobile network security is essential to realizing the potential and unlocking the full value of existing 4G and emerging 5G networks.


For operators of Mobile networks, security holds the key to expanding addressable markets, creating new services and maintaining the operational integrity and performance of their network infrastructure.


Mobile security requires robust and flexible solutions adapted to the needs and fast changing requirements of today’s dynamic architecture.


Attend this session to learn why it is essential to ensure that security is designed into your mobile network infrastructure, and how Fortinet can apply its Cybersecurity expertise to deliver the functionality, flexibility, scalability, interoperability and manageability necessary to ensure effective protection in mobile network environments.


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