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MWC Las Vegas: What Did We Learn?


Thu, Sep 28: 11:05 am - 11:25 am PDT


Debate Stage – W223, Level 2


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MWC is not a competition. It is an opportunity for the industry to come together and build a better understanding of how to drive the value of mobile and communications technologies. And yet, part of what makes MWC so exciting is the presence of so many vendors, operators, technologies, and product announcements all competing for attention. It’s only natural, then, to look back at a busy week and ask some important questions.

• Which technologies and trends progressed the most?  Which seemed to stall?

• Which announcements and messages resonated?  Which missed the mark?

• What was surprising vs. expected?

• And, ultimately, what did we learn this year?

These are the exact questions that industry analysts answer for a living. Hear from some of the industry’s best – including GSMA Intelligence – as they look back on a busy week, and weigh in on what it means for the rest of the year.

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