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Wed, Sep 27: 10:00 am - 10:30 am PDT


Tech Talk Stage – Exhibition Hall Booth 960


Session Description

The convergence of 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ushering in a new era of connectivity and intelligence, transforming industries and societies alike. In this rapidly evolving landscape, network modernization plays a pivotal role in realizing the full potential of the 5G and AI revolution. As networks become more complex and demands for ultra-low latency, high bandwidth, and seamless connectivity increase, innovative approaches are required to ensure optimal performance and scalability. 


Join Sanjay Kumar from Arrcus as he delves into the critical strategies and technological advancements that underpin the modernization of networks for the 5G and AI era.


Sanjay will explore key topics including: 


Network abstraction, virtualization and Software-Defined Networking (SDN): Unleashing the power of the network built to run on any platform and anywhere, virtualization and SDN to enable dynamic network provisioning, resource allocation, and efficient traffic management. Learn how these technologies are fundamental to achieving the agility and flexibility demanded by 5G and AI applications.  


Edge Computing and Network Slicing: As the proliferation of AI-driven devices surges, the need for localized data processing and reduced latency becomes paramount. Discover how edge computing and network slicing enable the creation of dedicated, isolated network segments optimized for diverse application requirements. 


Security and Privacy Challenges: With increased connectivity comes heightened security risks. Sanjay will discuss the evolving threat landscape and the strategies that can safeguard sensitive data while maintaining the efficiency and reliability of network operations. 


Scaling for the Future: The 5G and AI ecosystem is dynamic and ever-expanding. Learn how network modernization plans need to factor in scalability, resiliency, and high availability to accommodate the growing demands of both technology and users. 


Sanjay Kumar's insights will provide attendees with a deep understanding of the transformative potential of modern networks in catalyzing the 5G and AI revolution.


Join us to explore how to pave the way for a connected future powered by 5G and AI. 


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