Industry City

Manufacturing Summit: The Road to Digital Industry 2030


Thu, 29 Sep: 10:00 - 10:45 PDT

Open to All


W1, Industry City Stage, WEST HALL


Session Description

As the journey continues on the road to digital transformation, we will see billions of real-time data points collected by intelligent connected devices and sensors within the industrial setting.


5G wireless connectivity, with its low-latency and high bandwidth features, will not only support near real-time processes but also enable the offloading of data from machines on the factory floor to the edge or cloud. This perfect storm of technology will enable data processing and analytics to be performed across multiple devices simultaneously, harnessing AI and Computer Vision, to solve existing problems and realise new opportunities.


In this session, we will hear how the 5G era technologies are providing a catalyst for new applications and business models, where are we going and what the digital industrial road ahead looks like by 2030.

Session Speakers

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